White Heritage VrindavanProject Detail

Rs. 4000 Per Sq. Yd.
1 /9
Plot Size : 50/100/200
Project Type: Residential
At the end of a hectic day, every tired soul seeks a cosy corner to retire and lean upon. A home surrounded by greenery is the best place to find recluse and peace after a day’s busy schedule. It is not only a structure of brick and mortars, but a place to bond with your dear and near ones, to rejuvenate yourself with new energy and love. The upcoming project White Heritage Vrindavan from White Group India is going to fulfill your dream of a happy home.
With experience of more than a decade in real estate, we always try to maintain professionalism and perfection in our work. Our low-priced, budget-friendly housing plots are an attractive investment offering multiple benefits. With our online booking facility, you can book your plot from anywhere. Maintaining transparency in our business deals, we leave no hidden clauses or loopholes while ensuring that you get maximum benefits. 
Project Area
We at White Group India is aiming at developing an abode of luxury with all the modern amenities for your peaceful and comfortable living @ Rs. 4lakhs only. White Heritage, Vrindavan is located on a 5-acre sprawling land with 100 plots in the sacred city. For its low price, the project is affordable with all the necessities. Nevertheless, the quality of the project has been maintained so that you can enjoy your place for years to come.
Location of the Site
Whether you are an Investor or looking for a home for yourself, the site of the project is the foremost criteria. Set at a stone’s throw from the National Highway, at a distance of only 200 meters, the project site shares proximity with all the megacities nearby. It can be accessed through Yamuna Expressway too. Vrindavan as a holy city has its own aura and grandeur that leaves you spellbound. The location is not only inspiring for its beauty and charm but also preferred for its proximity to the National highway.  
Having your new home in White Heritage, you need not worry about the education of your children or the treatment of your family members if they fall sick. The project site is closer to DPS School, KD Medical College, temples, markets, restaurants, and theatre halls. The city also enjoys good connectivity by road and rail. Once the metro rail starts plying, the transportation will further be facilitated.
Available in different sizes, the residential plots are for grabs by anybody. You will get a water and electricity connection the moment you complete the registration procedure. Enjoy tax redemption benefits through investing in White Heritage Vrindavan.
Come and explore the city with all its beauty and aura. White Heritage is beckoning you with all its wonder and glory to have your home nestled in the lap of nature and spirituality.
White India Group is offering a new project called the White Heritage in the pious city of Vrindavan. Located in the heart of the city, it is here to fulfil your dream of residing amidst greenery while enjoying hymns in praise of Lord Krishna as they resonate through the air of Vrindavan spreading eternal joy and happiness.
To millions of Lord Krishna devotees, Vrindavan is an abode of peace and joy. It is believed to be the most sacred place, vibrating in the playfulness and love showered by Sri Krishna. The serenity and the exotic charm of this beautiful town always brimming with devotion has always been the favourite of many people including devotees for investing in real estate projects, just like the White Heritage Project.


Project Video:

Price : Rs. 4000 Per Sq. Yd.

Budget-Friendly Project
Residential Plots available at a budget-friendly price: Constructing your house on the farmland of White Heritage Vrindavan is going to be very affordable and will perfectly fit your budget. Freehold property along with close location to daily necessities of life makes it perfect.

How To Pay:
At the time of booking:    10% of Total Cost  (B.S.P)
At the time of Allotment: 15% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
At the time of Registry:   35 % of Total Cost (B.S.P)
18 interest-free Installments: 40% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
(Will commence from just next months from the Registry)

An abode of Comfort and Luxury
The White Heritage Project offers several reasons to invest in it immediately!
Connectivity:  Smooth and hassle free connectivity of the project site is its topmost plus point. The project White Heritage, Vrindavan is approachable from Noida and South Delhi. Situated in close proximity to National Highway (only 200mt), the project site is well connected by road. The newly coming up Noida airport is sure to improve connectivity of Vrindavan with other metro cities of the country. Since the Metro railway project is set to start operation in near future, the transportation will be facilitated further.
Amenities: Equipped with wide roads, uninterrupted supply of electricity and water, the project site provides all sorts of amenities for relaxed and comfortable living.
A Combo of Facilities and Luxury: Sharing proximity with DPS School, KD Medical College, temple and all purpose market place, the 5 acre plot of project site is sure to be buzzing with movements of people coming from all strata of society. Offering a comfortable lifestyle with all the necessities easily accessible, the project is a blend of Luxury and Comfort. Fortified in a surrounding of greenery, the place is free from pollution and ideal for rejuvenating yourself. Its quietness is sure to instil peace in you away from the din and bustle of the busy city life.
A Real Deal with Investment and Tax Redemption benefits
Benefits through Real Estate Investment: “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through investing in Real Estate,” remarked Andrew Carnegie, an industrialist billionaire. True, investing in a lucrative property always reaps benefits in future. The White Heritage Project can be used as your holiday destination, retirement home, rental purposes, or simply as your residence in the serene environment of Vrindavan.
Opportunity of Tax Redemption: Along with fulfilling your dream of owning a house within a peaceful yet beautiful surrounding, you can enjoy tax redemption benefits.
Easy Business Deal from White Group India: We always maintain transparency in our business deals with open communications and simple acquisition. Following Franklin .D. Roosevelt, we ensure that “Real Estate is about the safest investment in the world.” Having your dream home at an affordable price in the heart of Vrindavan city is now easier with White Group India.
Giving shape to your dream home is our pleasure and pride! 
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