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Rs. 3333 Per Sq. Yd.
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Plot Size : 240 Sq. Yards.
Project Type: Residential
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Living in a polluted city can reduce your life span by over 4 years.
Recent PTI headlines say that.
Not surprising though.
We all know we are living under ticking bombs with the kind of air we are breathing.
However, the accuracy of these reports is mind rattling and points to the gravity of the situation that we never took seriously.
But, it is time now.
Look at what does the report says?
According to this study in the US, people in polluted cities in India live under the threat of particulate air pollution that cuts their life expectancy by 4.3 years. This is worse than the threat of HIV, smoking cigarettes, and even terrorism. and that is not all. The food that we are eating, growing in the same environment is also loaded with toxins. With air, water, and food becoming almost lethal due to the pollutants they carry, wanting a safe abode for our future is not a luxury anymore.
It is mandatory.
Going by the high prices of land in safe heavens of fresh air and water, getting there seems impossible. So, what to do? Where to go?
Are you going to let your children suffer the same fate? Would you do something to save guard at least your old age? Or for that matter would you give yourselves a few weeks of fresh air every year for rejuvenation?
Is it possible?
Yes, it is.
Because there is a solution.
In the hills of Kumaon in Uttarakhand!
It is placed yet unexplored.
Untouched by human interference and activity, Peaceful and serene
6000 ft above sea level, where blooming flowers, carnations, blushing geraniums, and dancing marigolds welcome the day. The night settles quietly in the evening after the mynahs, pipits, bulbuls, and other diverse birds finish their melodious songs. Surrounded by lush oak trees, coniferous rhododendrons, and fruit-laden orchards, divine beauty walks here with mystic charm. The snow-capped Himalayas cuddle this place in their lap while white feathery clouds kiss its forehead.
Tucked inside this paradise of nature, you can have your own little cottage, relaxing by the fire in winter, sipping coffee and enjoying the latest novel. In the morning, you can go for trekking or excursions. Afternoons can be lazy or you can go for local walks to the village and catch up with the latest gossip and political chit chat. Evenings can be spent in the balcony enjoying the breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains as the sun settles for its daily nap.
Summers can be equally fun as it is not so hot, here in the hills. You can enjoy the cool breeze with the sweet humming of the birds, eat fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. A place to rejuvenate the senses and invoke the soul! It is as picturesque as it can get.
And if you don't believe it, all you have to do is pack your bags and visit, this beautiful place called Mouna village near Mukteshwar, Bhowali-Almora Road, Uttarakhand.
Now, you can own a residential plot in this scenic village in the lap of Himalayas. Brought to you by the White Group, these residential plots are part of the Individual Plotting Project, Nanital. 240 sq. yd. in size, they are in the price range of Rs.2400 per sq. yd. only.
Enjoy a hustle free, opulent lifestyle in Almora, Nanital, far away from the maddening crowd of the city. 

Here are a few features that make this project highly viable
♥346 km from New Delhi
♥6 hours comfortable drive from New Delhi via Six Lane Expressway Highway
♥Great weather throughout the year with temperature ranging from 2 to 23 degree
♥6000-6500ft above sea level
♥Sweeping view of Snow clad Himalayas
♥Snowfall from December to March
♥Seven large tourist lakes located nearby, with one located at 1-hour driving distance
♥Surrounded by many Hotels and Resorts 
♥Ranikhet, Almora, Nanital, Kausani, Binsar located in the vicinity of 1-2 hours driving distance

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Price : Rs. 3333 Per Sq. Yd.

Registration Charges- Rs 2100/- only (For Rate, area fix, and site visit)
(Registration refundable after site visit if you are not interested in the project)


Booking Amount – 10% of the total cost
Agreement Amount – 15% of the total cost
18 Easy Monthly Installments – 75% of the total cost
For details Contact Phone No. 9999120091

Easily affordable dream houses in the lap of nature can be yours with a simple monthly payment plan
With brilliant architectural designs, well planned, meticulously executed projects that offer a lavish lifestyle along with all the required amenities and facilities, the White Group is executing several projects across India that include White City Patna (Bihar), White City, Ajitgarh,(Rajasthan), White Himalaya Heaven, Mukteshwar, (Nainital), and White Temple Town, Vrindavan, (U.P.). These have residential plots available from1080 sq.ft. to 4500 sq. ft.
Characteristics that make the White Group India, the most preferred channel partner for Real Estate Projects and Investment

→Customer-centric Approach in planning, design, and construction
→High-quality standards
→Innovative, sustainable, future-oriented projects
→On-time delivery
→No Hidden Costs
→Consistency, Transparency, and reliability in all dealings
→Efficiency in the handling of the project
→Meticulous paperwork with all the legalities taken care of all certificates, tax receipts and local approvals in order
→Potential for Capital gains in projects
The Individual Plotting Project, at Mouna, Naniatal by White Group India, is a great opportunity for investors and buyers. We invite you to enjoy the heavenly bliss in the lap of nature with peace, serenity, and beauty. Come, celebrate freshness, celebrate life at Mona, Nainital.
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