White City -IIProject Detail

Rs. 900 Per Sq. Yd.
1 /6
Plot Size : 200/300/500 Sq. Yd.
Project Type: Residential
Plot Sizes
Freehold Property
Easy to Connect

Project Overview:

Rajasthan is always beautiful and popular for its culture. The affordable pricing solution makes it a golden place for investment. Jaipur has shown an immense rise in the value of the property and in near future, many more MNCs are expected to come. White group has bought the perfect plan of investment by offering the property in Ajitgarh, Rajasthan naming the White city.

Holding a property in Jaipur Rajasthan holds a positive rise as the commencement of the commercial place brings much more opportunities. Since the Rajasthan is working highly on the development of its economy the automobiles, electronics and steel etc companies are coming. A lot more growth is expected within the next 5 years and so the price of the property is in the continuous hike.

Bringing the plots in Jaipur (Ajitgarh, Rajasthan) Jaipur division at a very reasonable price of sq. ft. ranging from 100 to 500 in the price of just 900 sq. yd. is what no one would want to leave. If you are planning to make an investment in the real estate in Jaipur Rajasthan at a very low cost this is definitely a sure shot for you.


Making an investment in the India property is one of the best ideas for multiplying the money value.


Key Specifications:

  • Coming up in well maintained, picturesque locations with wide green cover apart from modern amenities.
  • All the project area is safe and secure with guards and gates.
  • Flawless Water Supply Management.
  • Powerful Electricity Management.
  • Easy-to-Handle Process.

Project Features:

  • The project is well surrounded by Hospitals, Markets, Schools and Temples.
  • Aside to this there are above 200 Resorts and Hotels which are present in close proximity to this project.
  • To offer a secured life to the residents of this plot project we constructed a Designer Entrance Gate with Security.

Project Video:

Price : Rs. 900 Per Sq. Yd.

Budget Friendly Project

Plots available at budget friendly price: Constructing your Home on the plots of White City is going to be very affordable and will perfectly fit to your budget. Free hold property along with close location to daily necessities of life makes it perfect.

How To Pay:

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  • At the time of Booking :10% of B.S.P
  • At the time of Allotment : 15% of B.S.P. +50% of PLC
  • At the time of Ad. Allotment :10% of B.S.P.
  • (Payable within 45 days from date of allotment
  • 24 interest free Installments: 55% of B.S.P.
  • (Will commence from just next months from the advance amount)
  • At the time of offer of possession : 10% of B.S.P.+50% of PLC (if any)
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