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Rs. 2100 Per Sq. Yd.
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Plot Size : 100/200/300
Project Type: Residential
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Project Overview:

Health is the greatest wealth.
But with the current levels of pollution it is a distant dream, unless you are ready to do something about it.
Here is your chance. Own a farm house, breathe fresh air, drink fresh water and eat organic veggies grown in your own farmhouse.
How’s that for Healthy Life!!
Situated in India’s most vibrant state, Uttar Pradesh, White Green Farms are one of its kind. The lush green farms are located in the holy city of Vrindavan on the banks of River Yamuna. We invite you to be a part of Vrindavan’s iconic heritage, where the Hindu deity Krishna spent most of his childhood. Buy your own farm house, grow veggies and live a healthy life away from chaos and pollution. As the Economic Times write, “A home with a farm house is the new trend in luxury.” Live a life full of luxury with our exotic and well-connected farmhouses in Vrindavan. With plethora of readymade options and raw land options, we offer you a wide variety of farmhouses.

This place may bring a great interest over the invested amount as a large number of devotees from not only India but from all around the country come to visit the famous Brij Bihari temple. The Real Estate in Vrindavan is demanded because of only one reason a large number of devotees come and stay. Holding a residential plot for sale in Vrindavan is what everyone doesn’t get easier. If you are staying in a nearby location than picking up such opportunities may be a perfect option of price value increment.
And that is not all. The food that we are eating, growing in the same environment is also loaded with toxins. With air, water and food becoming almost lethal due to the pollutants they carry, wanting a safe abode for our future is not a luxury anymore.
 It is mandatory.

1. Proximity
Be it the Taj or the India Gate, White Green farms are an easy to reach place, situated at a strategic location. The project site is just 125 Kms from the South Delhi region of the National Capital and 55 Kms from North Agra.
2. Connectivity
NH-2 is just 2 Kms away from the project site. While the iconic Iskon temple is just a 15 minutes’ drive, the farms are also proximate to the Yamuna Expressway.
3. Assured Returns
With vast range of facilities, like schools, colleges, markets, highways, temples in close proximity, the project site is rare to find. It is destined to be a profitable one in future.
Still Confused About Owning a Farmhouse? Read some of the reasons, why you should buy one!
“The real mystery was how your farm bound you to it, so tightly that you would pay any price (literally, in interest) or make any sacrifice just to take these steps across this familiar undulating ground time and time again.”
(Jane Smiley, Early Warning)

1. The Combo of Health and Wealth
Often, we ask ourselves: Do I need a farmhouse? Well, you don’t. But can you grow fruits and vegetable or rear cattle in your not so lush green home? Grow your own fruits and veggies in an abode of serenity away from pollution. One of the favourite past-time, growing and consumption of fresh and organic food has immense benefits. In other words, a farmhouse is a key to a healthy and stress free life. Also, needless to say, it is one of the wisest investment of all times.
2. It’s a Weekend Home or a Work from Home destination.
 A farmhouse is an ideal weekend home to relax, invigorate and explore the nature. It is a perfect family destination. In the world of connectivity, a growing trend is to convert the farmhouses into a work from home destination where you concatenate with clients and companies.
3. Life beyond Luxury
Our elite farms are being designed for those who are missing a breath a fresh air in the life. It is for people who want to relax and rejuvenate and set own pace of their life. With a round the year pleasant environment, Vrindavan farms are in the heart of the land of Gods. So, you not only get to lead a healthy simple life, you can also engage in devotional services and elevate your soul!!!

Why To Invest In Mathura - VRINDAVAN
The twin cities of Mathura & Vrindavan, traditionally steeped in Krishna Consciousness. Not only they draw devotee by thousands but also attract home seekers who want to own houses for a peaceful Tranquil life without roaming on the need of modern amenities.
Because of the Situation in Delhi - NCR, the people now wish to set foot on vrindavan in the search of peace & contentment. The presence of several "ghats" along the Yamuna with beautiful temple makes it a good Holiday Destinations as well; 
Vrindavan is a city of holiness, Spirituality, Sanctity & Place of creator of Universe. A place which had been a play Ground of Lord Krishna.


It is not just the native with the Property Prices at minimum in recent years even tourists visiting Mathura & Vrindavan are looking at these cities with the prospective on investing in Land & Plots.
No wonder that the ares in these cities are poised for a big boom in the coming years. property experts say that the tourists, especially the international tourists who come here want to stay & live for lifetime.

 Proposed Metro.
Shri Brahma Kumar Swami Ji is going to build 30 tons (GOLD) golden temple in chaumuhan (Vrindavan)
 ISKCON is going to build International Gurukul in Aajhai.
Central Government has requested proposal from U.P. Government for setting up airport near Mathura

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Price : Rs. 2100 Per Sq. Yd.

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